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About Us

Gladstone Region Volunteering is an online volunteer recruitment website that links volunteers to organisations in need of volunteers. Facilitated by Gladstone Regional Council, the website is funded through support from the Rio Tinto Alcan Community Fund. The site offers free online advertising for not-for-profit organisations wanting volunteers and gives potential volunteers the ability to search through locality and or volunteering roles and apply directly to organisations.

Gladstone Region Volunteering is Gladstone Region’s peak body for volunteering located at the Community Engagement Centre office, Gladstone. It represents the interests of volunteers and community organisations who utilise the services of volunteers.

As the peak body for volunteering in the Gladstone Region, Gladstone Region Volunteering exists to:

  • Encourage people to participate in community activities through volunteering;
  • Enable volunteers and community organisations to develop the structure, skills and capacity to better the quality of volunteering for the community;
  • Engage in advocacy and partnership with government, corporate and other institutions and organisations, on issues relevant to volunteering in the Gladstone Region.

The website and services offered through Gladstone Region Volunteering are region focused; meaning only organisations operating a service to the Gladstone Region are eligible to register.

For people without regular access to the Internet, the project is facilitating free public Internet kiosks at key locations throughout the Gladstone Region with full access to Gladstone Region Volunteering website. For details on Kiosk locations, refer to the Kiosk Locations link in the menu above.


Gladstone Region Volunteering began as an initiative of the Boyne Tannum Community Advancement Association under the name Island Sands Volunteer Resource Centre in 2000. The Centre was established in partnership with the Calliope Shire Council and Gladstone City Council.

Comalco (now Rio Tinto Alcan) was approached in 2002 to continue this initiative by funding a full-time Coordinator. This was in anticipation of Federal funding whilst the Centre was ineligible for Government assistance within a two-year waiting period. During that time the service developed as a linking and referral agency matching volunteers to local volunteer organisations. Training was also offered to not-for-profit organisations across the region for professional development and capacity-building purposes.

In 2004, Island Sands Volunteer Resource Centre was renamed to Central Queensland Volunteering and relocated to the old Neighbourhood Centre in Toolooa Street Gladstone. The name change was made to encompass the wider Central Queensland area to promote and offer the service outside the perceived Tannum Sands and Boyne Island communities.

In 2006, Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL) became the auspicing body for Central Queensland Volunteering.

The project continued with funding obtained from the Volunteer Resource Centre State Pilot, Queensland Department of Communities through Volunteering Queensland, for a 12 month non-recurring pilot project. In late 2007 when this pilot funding ceased, Rio Tinto Alcan funded Central Queensland Volunteering for a further six months to deliver Training Programs to member organisations.

In late 2009, Gladstone Regional Council approached Rio Tinto Alcan to fund the project for a further two years. The proposal put forward was that the project would be ‘refurbished’ in that initiatives would be put in place to allow Central Queensland Volunteering to become sustainable in its own right. As part of this refurbishment, the project took on another rebranding exercise to become what it’s known as today, Gladstone Region Volunteering.

This final rebranding was made to focus the project on the Gladstone Regional Council service area, which after the local Council amalgamations now brings the project to areas such as Agnes Water, Baffle Creek, Turkey Beach, Mt Larcom and the Boyne Valley.

By using the Internet, Gladstone Region Volunteering is able to match volunteers with not-for-profit organisations in a much more efficient way than the project has traditionally referred volunteers; which was manually through a formal face-to-face interview process. The introduction of a fully self-managed website reduces the time and cost of recruiting volunteers and allows for a sustainable approach to volunteering for the Gladstone Region.

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